Diversity Day at the Archer School

Im thrilled to share a recent article that was published highlighting my involvement in framing "Diversity Day " at The Archer School For Girls, in Los Angeles, California:


While I must concede that I have mixed feelings regarding the nomenclature around "Diversity Day," as this framing has historically encouraged a one-off celebration that institutions then check off their To-Do lists, I nonetheless leverage these opportunities to engage in critical inclusivity frameworks of identity, conceptual frameworks, language, power, privilege, positionality and exploring ways in which social identity is stratified in our society.

Ultimately, irrespective of the ways in which institutions ultimately decide to frame the conversation, I always aim to embed each individual's identity into our understanding of 'diversity" with the aim of empowering everyone to become a change agent for truly fostering an equitable society where all are able to flourish.

With specific regard to The Archer School, based on the robust engagement with students and thoughtful conversations with faculty, administrators and parents that I've experienced during my two visits, I have every confidence that they will continue to engage in this critical discourse and integrate ongoing insights into Archer programs, policies, practices and interpersonal behavior.