Middle Schoolers Seek to Understand Baltimore

What was the name of the man who died? What happened? Does Baltimore have a history of racism? Why the fires? Would the trip be canceled?

As we attempt to procure resources to process the recent events in Baltimore in hopes of integrating insights gleaned into meaningful and relevant lessons for students, this article is a GEM. 

Authored by Launa Schwiezer, Brooklyn Heights Montessori Middle School teacher and someone who I'm honored to call my friend and diversity ally, this piece evidences the power of student-centered learning at its best. 

The old adage certainly holds true: People are invested in what they create. This scaffolded journey incorporates geography, critical race theory, economics, identity, power, privilege, microaggressions, American history, critical thinking skills, cultural competency, digital citizenship, and much more. The result: students took ownership of their learning, which motivated them to uncover the multilayered and mutually-reinforcing considerations that undergird and inform the current situation in Baltimore, in ways that a history book can never do. 

This is a MUST READ!! And don't overlook the embedded resources dispersed throughout the article!

Read the article here:
A Field Trip to Baltimore