... Raising students to live in a bubble — a white bubble, a black bubble, a Latino bubble, whatever type of bubble you want to call it — is not to your benefit in a global society.
— Dr. Derrick Gay, New York Times


Dr. Derrick Gay is an internationally recognized consultant to businesses, educational, arts, and philanthropic organizations around the world on issues of Diversity and Inclusion, and Global Citizenship. In this capacity, Dr. Gay partners with organizations, domestically and abroad, to promote empathy, cultivate cultural competency, and deepen inclusion.

Dr. Gay's approach draws from 20 years of experience working on issues of Diversity and Inclusion, and Global Citizenship with diverse organizations spanning multiple sectors.  A graduate of Oberlin College, Oberlin Conservatory, the Klingenstein Center at Columbia University, and The University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Gay's work has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, NPRand on BrianLehrer.tv

Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, Dr. Gay's work extends beyond the US. Most recently, he delivered keynotes in French at La Mission Laique's annual conference in Deauville, France. Previously, he delivered keynotes and facilitated workshops at L'Association des Ecoles Francaises d'Amérique du Nord in Palm Springs, the 50th Annual Conference for Association for the Advancement of International Education, and EF Global Leadership Summit in Lima, Perú, to name a few. Future work includes partnerships in France, Canada, Morocco, and Colombia.

Dr. Gay customizes his work to align with the needs of each community to curate: 

  • Keynote presentations

  • Interactive Professional Development

  • Assemblies and programs with student groups (K-12)

  • Parent workshops

  • Board retreats

  • Inclusivity Climate Assessments

  • Executive coaching for Senior Leaders and Board Members

Dr. Derrick Gay's TEDx talk exploring the challenges of the word "diversity."